Frequently Asked Questions

Wait... aren't fees bad?

Numbers aren't good or bad, they're just numbers!

However, total fees can be a strong indicator for which protocols have actual economic activity behind them.

Can you add information about fees-per-transaction? doesn't just show data for layer-1 blockchains, it also shows fees for blockchain applicaitons, like decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, etc. Fee-per-transaction isn't a relevant metric for applications, so it's not included.

Furthermore, fee-per-transaction implies that all transactions are equivelant. A simple token transfer is very different from a DEX trade, HTLC-lock, rollup data block, etc.

Where does this data come from?

Fee data comes from various sources. Data for many of the layer 1 chains comes from CoinMetrics, while data for many of the applications comes from Graph Protocol subgraphs.

For more information, view the details of each protocol, or check the CryptoFees source code repository.

Can you add data for [protocol]?

Visit the submit project page for more details.

How does make money?

Generally, it doesn't! This site is run as a free, open-source community resource.

If you'd like to support the continued development of this site, you can always make a donation to our Gitcoin Grants.